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Civil Partnerships on the Rise

New figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that civil partnerships in 2016 rose by 3.4%, compared with 2015.

There were 890 civil partnerships formed in England & Wales in 2016. More than two thirds of all civil partnerships formed in that year were between men, the highest proportion since their introduction in 2005. Almost half of those entering a civil partnership in 2016 were aged 50 or above; this compares with 19% in 2013, prior to the introduction of marriages of same sex couples.

Whilst civil partnerships have increased, unfortunately, civil partnership dissolutions have also been on the rise. There were 1,313 civil partnership dissolutions granted in England & Wales in 2016. Of these 60% were to female couples.

London continued to be the most popular region for the formation of civil partnerships; 38% of all formations in England & Wales in 2016 occurred in the capital city.

The legislation changed in March 2014 enabling the marriages of same sex couples. This resulted in civil partnership formations declining as the majority of same sex couples chose marriage instead. However 2016 represents the first increase in civil partnership formations since this change. This demonstrates that a minority of same sex couples still prefer this option to marriage.

More men than women formed civil partnerships in each region of England in 2016 except in Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands; here a higher number of women than men formed civil partnerships.

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